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Exceptional ingredients and unmatched care are abundant in our seventy five minute Premium Facials. Whether it’s a Deep Pore cleanse for oily complexion, a Clarifying Acne facial to treat pimples, a Whitening facial to improve dull and uneven skin tone, a Hydra Fresh facial to rejuvenate dry skin or the sumptuous Herbal Gold process, we have plenty of options for everyone. Be yourself with us and we guarantee high returns.


Our de-tanning treatments go beyond mere primping. With our bouquet of top to toe treatments we can actually help undo harmful sun damage. From your upper lip, face and neck, across your midriff and back, down to your legs, our therapies can help target and restore dewy freshness to the complexion across your entire body so you’re always comfortable in your own skin.

Clean Ups

We want to help you know yourself and your skin type. Precisely why we’ve crafted our premium, half hour cleanups around various kinds of skin. Indulge in a Blueberry De-tox that is perfect for dry skin or choose Calm and Soothe if your skin is particularly sensitive. The Fresh Fruit Clean Up will gently brighten up the visage while the Oxizenate is extremely calming and suitable for all types of skin. Anti-Oxidant therapy can rejuvenate tired skin while Vitamin C cleanup will soothe the tans.

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